Antenatal care services for focused care of pregnant women. It consists of health care talks by trained midwives, doctor’s consultations, mother’s immunization, routine investigations and ultrasound monitoring of baby’s progress and development. Every Tuesday of the week.


  • Packed cell volume test at registration and throughout pregnancy (monthly and weekly)
  • Urinalysis at registration and throughout pregnancy (monthly and weekly)
  • Random blood sugar test at registration
  • VDRL/Syphilis test at registration
  • HIV test at registration
  • Hepatitis b test at registration
  • Hepatitis c test at registration
  • Ultrasound test at registration plus 2 more times during pregnancy
  • Doctor’s consultation throughout pregnancy
  • Hematinics/blood building tablets throughout pregnancy
  • Intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy
  • Mother’s immunization during pregnancy (free)
  • One or two (as needed) specialist consultation before delivery

Does not cover:

  • Other tests outside routine ANC tests
  • Drugs outside routine ANC drugs
  • Delivery fees

Delivery Information:

  • Delivery fees are to be paid between 30 and 32 weeks Gestation
  • Deliveries are always monitored by a Gynaecologist and not left to Midwives alone.
  • Delivery free is N150k.