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A patient brought her housekeeper or Nanny for Nanny screening. We ran all our usual tests to ensure the following:

  1. You are aware of any infective illnesses they may have, and you can decide if you want to keep them or not, depending on how infective the illnesses may be.
  2. You and her can be aware of her status before she started work with you, so she can not say she got infected in your house
  3. You can be aware if she’s pregnant before she starts working in your house, again, so there is no story about how she got pregnant while in your house

These are to mention a few reasons….
Anyways, this Nanny’s pregnancy test came back positive.

Madam asked her if she was menstruating, and she said yes.

So, Madam concluded that we likely didn’t know what we were doing and decided to wait two more months.
The nanny still menstruated for two months after this positive pregnancy test.

Then Nanny had to be brought for some other matter, and the issue came up about how we got the pregnancy test wrong.

We repeated the pregnancy test, and it was still positive!

At this point, the Nanny confessed that she actually took medication to terminate a pregnancy BEFORE coming to Madam for work.

Now, two things can be happening

  1. Even after termination of pregnancy, pregnancy tests will still be positive for a while.
  2. There is a condition called Gestational Trophoblastic disease ( or GTD), which is a type of cancer that may occur AFTER a termination of pregnancy!

So, more tests have to be done to determine if this is merely because of the termination of pregnancy or if this is a GTD that needs urgent cancer care!

It’s not always as simple as ABC.

Let the Specialists at Taprobane Medical Center decide which is which!

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