About Us

Taprobane Medical Center prides itself in providing a standard, affordable and accessible healthcare for everyone from babies to elderly.

Our Core Values

We advocate COORDINATED care, a concept in modern Family medicine, by which we seek to locate and bring the most competent practitioners in various specialties in collaboration with Consultant Family Physicians for close follow up and long-term management of patients and their family members from the cradle to the grave.

One of our core values is summarized in a slogan  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN COSTLY CURE. Hence, we conduct regular awareness programs, screenings and vaccinations to reduce health risks by partnering with other institutions to bring the best of preventive services to our clients.

To make healthcare accessible AND AFFORDABLE, we continually negotiate with renowned pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic firms as well as medical suppliers and specialists to obtain the best products and services at the best rates.

Customer Service

is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we also provide several personalized and home care options to suit the needs of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

is a driving force for us. Hence, we follow up based on feedback from our clients to ensure they have improved on our care and we do not hesitate to refer cases that cannot be handled in our facility to carefully selected tertiary facilities for further care. Such referrals are followed up remotely to ensure patient receives best possible care at the referral centre.