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Wellness & spa unit

Health is Wealth

According to the World Health Organisation, health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being(wellness) and not a mere absence of disease.

Hence, at Taprobane Medical Centre , apart from our Wellness Clinics, where we do routine annual medical checks for people who want to take their health as a project they can control rather than being controlled by sickeness or disease.

we have gone a step further to introduce a Wellness and Spa unit where massages and scrubs and Aromatherapy is incorporated into the Wellness package. 

Navigate your journey in wellness, self love and self care.

Our Wellness Unit and Spa helps you navigate your journey in wellness, self love and self care.

be active, be alive

Our Services

We help you in bringing your dream of self love and care to reality, in this regard we offer the follwing services:

Make a date with us to find out available packages to boost your health, relax your muscles and mind, and  release those stressed or tensed points.

We also offer Gift vouchers for your friends and loved ones which they can redeem at their convenience. 

Wellness & Spa

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