COORDINATED CARE AN ADVOCATE FOR A concept in modern Family Medicine by which we locate and bring the most competent practitioners in various specialities supervised by Consultant Family Physicians, for the management of patients, which may be in the short or long term. Make an Appointment

Accessible Healthcare

A customer oriented healthcare center that focuses on and long-term management of patients and their family members from the cradle to the grave.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE is of utmost importance to us
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is a driving force for us
  • ACCESSIBLE & AFFORDABLE healthcare without cutting corners
  • CUSTOMER AWARENESS to reduce health risk
  • 24 HOURS General Medical and Surgical Consultation

General & Family Clinic

The doctors are available 24 hours daily (Saturday and Sundays and public holidays inclusive) i.e. all year round

Maternity Service

Antenatal care including doctor’s consultations, mother’s immunization, routine investigations and baby’s progress

Immunization Clinic

Free Childhood Immunization services are available according to NPI schedule. Non NPI vaccines are also available at affordable rates for all ages.

General Surgery

By Consultant General Surgeon. Available 24 hours of the day by appointment.

Antenatal Care

We offer affordable and world standard antenatal services with two unique packages which covers the following:

  • Relevant tests like packed cell volume, urinalysis, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, ultrasound etc
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Doctor’s Consultation throughout pregnancy
  • Preventive treatments throughout pregnancy
  • Mother’s immunization during pregnancy (free)
  • Hematinics/Blood building tablets throughout pregnancy

Happy Clients

  • Abdul Garfar

    We commend the team @Tabrobane for all the innovation and hard work they put into better healthcare for their patients. keep up the good work.

  • Fortune Omolola Obayemi

    Awesome services’

  • Nwosu Tochukwu

    ‘Beautifully situated & easily accessible.nice horticultural designs

  • Kenneth Uvah

    I experienced awesome services, I find the staff to be generally reliable and homely